01 November 2011

Even cacti need water

Who knew?

So, no more “Cactus Flower” gang.

RIP Ingrid and Walter.

Long Live Goldie!



31 October 2011

The day between the weekend and national holiday

A bit of a lazio! Luckily, everyone seemed to have taken the day or even the entire week / month off. So, no-one noticed my being rather unproductive. Just cleaning up some stuff from Friday’s conference and sorting some of my files.

And have I mentioned that all the good people were having the day off and I was stuck with one of the most annoying creatures in the universe? And because my team of 4 was reduced to a team of 1 (i.e. me) that same someone was my temporary teammate!

Maybe, I should have followed my boss’ advice. She told me on Friday – post conference at about 7pm – to go and see the doctors on Monday and get a couple of sick days.

28 October 2011

The BIG day

Finally, the day that caused me to have a 7 to 9 job – getting up at 5am is a pain in the buttocks, my friends. Silver lining: no rush hour!

Gotta admit, I was quite fascinated by the “expertise” of our experts on human trafficking. Hours well spent preparing for it.

Kinda reminds me of the day I told a friend of mine: “I love human trafficking”. And she shushed me and said, don’t say things like that out loud – someone might get you wrong. But seriously, I love the subject of it – cause there’s so much wrong about it, it’s frustrating, saddening, depressing but working on a counter trafficking project gives you a sense of satisfaction, passion, accomplishment. And if I were more courageous I’d want to do what Kru Nam from Thailand does: just walk into some of these “clubs”, grab as many children as I can carry and walk out of it again. And like her, set up a new safe home for these kids. She’s a true hero!

(More here)

22 October 2011

Unlikely Twins??

I’m not sure how this happened, but this morning my mum likened

Abby (from the show NCIS)


Mary Poppins.

She said that both had umbrellas as a trademark.

Didn’t Gene Kelly have the same accessory in “Singing in the Rain”?

17 – 21 October 2011

Someone got influenza

Though I was –  and still am sick – some of my healthy colleagues seemed much more lethargic.

And the remaining two musketeers decided to give a lecture on internally displaced persons and environmental refugees at the government’s facilities. Yes, that’s how enthusiastic we were this week – although the pile of papers on my desk grew by the hour each day. Never a dull moment, I’d say!