28 October 2011

The BIG day

Finally, the day that caused me to have a 7 to 9 job – getting up at 5am is a pain in the buttocks, my friends. Silver lining: no rush hour!

Gotta admit, I was quite fascinated by the “expertise” of our experts on human trafficking. Hours well spent preparing for it.

Kinda reminds me of the day I told a friend of mine: “I love human trafficking”. And she shushed me and said, don’t say things like that out loud – someone might get you wrong. But seriously, I love the subject of it – cause there’s so much wrong about it, it’s frustrating, saddening, depressing but working on a counter trafficking project gives you a sense of satisfaction, passion, accomplishment. And if I were more courageous I’d want to do what Kru Nam from Thailand does: just walk into some of these “clubs”, grab as many children as I can carry and walk out of it again. And like her, set up a new safe home for these kids. She’s a true hero!

(More here)


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