22 October 2011

Unlikely Twins??

I’m not sure how this happened, but this morning my mum likened

Abby (from the show NCIS)


Mary Poppins.

She said that both had umbrellas as a trademark.

Didn’t Gene Kelly have the same accessory in “Singing in the Rain”?


17 – 21 October 2011

Someone got influenza

Though I was Р and still am sick Рsome of my healthy colleagues seemed much more lethargic.

And the remaining two musketeers decided to give a lecture on internally displaced persons and environmental refugees at the government’s facilities. Yes, that’s how enthusiastic we were this week – although the pile of papers on my desk grew by the hour each day. Never a dull moment, I’d say!

15 & 16 October 2011

Weekend in Stuttgart

Weekend spent with one of my best friends and the cutest baby the world has ever seen.

Also realised that I’m getting rather old and am able to eat a lot more, too. I mean seriously, who has “lunner” at 5pm and then head’s off to have sushi for dinner at 6.30 pm? And who only needs one cocktail to get super tipsy and leaves the bar at 10pm on a Saturday night?

10 – 14 October 2011

Last week of the three musketeers

That Friday my office mate left me and consequently dissolved our group aka the three musketeers.


I think one day earlier we got a call from my superior telling us about a “secret” meeting at one of the local human rights groups, which apparently invited representatives all employers located at our building, that is the government section responsible for migration and refugees, and two humanitarian organisations. Somehow, as per usual, and because my employer isn’t really bff with the government or visa versa, we were not invited. But that didn’t stop us. What we learnt during that afternoon was that the government guy was very good at spreading propaganda and that when he talked about government critics he constantly gave me the evil eye although I hadn’t said a single word.

(Note: I come to think, that this was taking place the week before.)


Oh, that same Friday – my friend’s last day – there was an open day at our building. And there was a lecture on the German asylum system. Let’s just say, it was a rather racist / xenophobic group of people attending.

03 – 09 October 2011

5 days of work, 2 days of weekend – 3 days of being sick

Ok, my week doesn’t usually look like this. I’m quite happy to go to work actually, but seriously I’m so tired when I get home from work that I’m asleep by 8pm.

Think that week I was actually told that I radiate positive energy, and that I should edit one of my uni assignments and hand it in for some conference on human trafficking.



01 & 02 October 2011


Went for a couple of walks around the countryside and through the woods with my dad. Loving it!

And started reading a couple of books – because I couldn’t decide which one to actually read!