16 &17 September 2011

Pregnancy Sickness

as I like to call it.

Already my breakfast made me feel rather sick but I decided to go to work anyways. There I had to find out that the smell of chicken soup and other edible products which extract the slightest scent could upset my tummy even more.

So, after having had to lie down for about 45 minutes and getting my blood sugar level back up to “being able to walk straight without shivery legs” with the help of two sugar packs and a coke I went home. Though I have to admit I was kinda out of it for the last 15 to 20 minutes of that trip (and still driving).

Back at home, I went to bed and stayed there for three hours and went back after a one hour break until the next morning at around 9 am.

That same morning my optician – the one I went to school with – told me that something similar happened to her on her first day of work – only with her throwing up five times, including the floor of the pharmacy she went to to get some anti-nausea pills. Poor girl!

The rest of that Saturday I was out again.


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