03 September 2011

I’m the old lady in young lady disguise

Everything is hurting today – even more than yesterday. Mostly when having to take the stairs I just like to scream! I must be at least 183 years old – there’s no other excuse for this.

My mum and I went shoe shopping today cause I needed new shoes for the office – can’t wear sneakers, slippers or just socks (cruel world, if I may say so). And the other shoes I got have caused me so much physical pain the last few times that I’m back to feeling the same kind of pain just thinking about having to put them back on my feet. So, no!

The thing about going shopping – or anywhere for that matter – with my mum is that it will never be just for that one thing. You don’t just leave the house to buy shoes, no, you end up buying 2 shavers for her clients, some replacement parts for your dad, you don’t just enter the drug store to buy something to drink, you will leave with all sorts of hygiene products and cosmetics as well. And you will also go to the furniture store because, you know, you needed some storage containers for your kitchen and while you are there you can just buy some towels and have a look at the bathroom and kitchen sets they are selling. Just to be informed, you never know … But still you will only need about 2 hours to buy that stuff all over town – in three different multiple-stores-in-one-place locations. And you will be about 10 times poorer and you will return with 10 times more bags than you had initially intended to.

Also, although it’s kinda extremely warm today, I also feel extremely hungry! And this usually never happens. I’m not a good eater when it’s hot, it’s more like the opposite – food makes me really sick when I’m just slightly cooked by the warmth of the sun.


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