02 September 2011

Bit of a lazy day … kinda-ish

Got up at like 7am because you know a girl only needs about 5 hrs of beauty sleep after moving countries (and as the English might say: continents even).

Went to the hairdresser at 8.30, had my hair chopped off and some psycho bangs – which rather look like emo bangs (apples and oranges!) – added.

Went to the stationary shop and worked my way through the language barrier by calling almost everything “thingie” to describe to the shop assistant what I was looking for.

Went to the optician – cause frankly I’m blind. I had to go through three employees until I was finally able to see the person most suited for my needs, how hard can it be when there’s usually only one person who’s qualified to do this job? But apparently the one person was out, and they now got a second person to test and attach some new contacts to your eyes. Who knew? Well, have I mentioned that I’m blind and hence was a bit annoyed that the new girl was calling me “Du” instead of “Sie”. How rude, I’m an unknown stranger, I demand some respect, we are after all in Germany! (lol) But ehm, let’s face it, what she knew – and I still don’t – is that we went to school together and grew up in the same village. Oopsie! PS: I think she’d call my psycho bangs “annoying bangs” as they were constantly blocking my eyes.

Went to the petrol station because my family is always so kind and leaves me with an empty tank every time I need the car. But they changed the petrol system, and I’m not really sure which petrol to put in now. So I asked my brother, and the petrol he said was not for sale at the station. Luckily, there was a service lady telling me exactly which petrol my car likes to eat and which one it should never eat. But at first it really took me a moment to even understand what she was saying because frankly I didn’t think she was speaking any kind of language I was supposed to speak. As it turns out she wasn’t even speaking the local dialect after I concentrated a bit more on what she was saying. So, all good. Just need to focus more!

Went back home at around 10.30 and was mending my aching body parts – back, leg, arm, shoulder, kidneys. Yes, I’m an 80 year old lady, so let me complain a bit!

Went to the bank to top up my cell phone and realised that the new bank girl looks exactly like Kristen Bell. Freaky-ish!

Oh, and before that encounter I had this conversation with my brother:

Brother: You should get a Blackberry!

Sister (looks at ad): Do they sell them in a different colour?

Brother (big fat grin): It’s a BLACK-berry!

Sister: I rather have a WHITE-berry!

(because my phones are always white)


And I’m not too sure what I did after 1pm except for talking to some friends on the phone, saving the laundry from the rain, watching my dad hollowing out a dead tree to make a flower pot out of it (apparently there are already flowers in there too – have to take a look in a second), and eating.


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