01 September 2011


Heaps of packing, cleaning and some yummy last supper … lunch that is.

My MayWi friend Mei brought over some yummy sushi and my dearly beloved Kumara! So Kiwi of her!

Really gonna miss London! Never a dull moment: protests, strikes, signal failures, riots.

Really gonna miss the Londoners – temporary or permanent ones. I love the fact that you can tell the tourists apart from the residents when waiting for the traffic lights to turn green – well, the residents would look to their left and right to see if a car was coming and then just walk, while the tourists would wait till the lights are green. The funny thing about this is that at times the locals would not notice when the lights actually go green, while the tourists would already start crossing the street. I dare you to do some participant observation if you don’t believe me.

Also gonna miss the Londoners who are dear to my heart and would just call me up and offer to bring me some food. Yes, I know, you can’t buy friends. But you can easily make me love you by giving me food – or coffee.

My trip to the airport eventually proved to be rather painful – though I felt rather emotional the day before I wasn’t really feeling it that day. I guess I was just too stressed out and annoyed by having to carry about 40kg by myself. I had 2 WTF moments, the first one while on the tube when they announced that the Northern Line had been suspended due to “person under the train”. Seriously Tfl, do we have to announce something like this? Moment Number 2 was at the Check-in counter, when the guy said I was 7.5 kg over the allowed maximum weight limit on my suitcase (And I was initially scared they would weigh my hand-luggage – approx. 20kg – as the lady at the other check-in found this an appropriate measure for all of her customers.). Well, I was a bit shocked that my suitcase would be that heavy to be honest, but gotta trust the airport staff, right? But well, they are just human beings, too. So they make mistakes, like leaving the bags of the previous customer on that thingie and hence you get an extra 8kg on your own luggage. May I say, grrrr. And my I also say, I wasn’t as amused as the two girls next in line. Because frankly, I wasn’t really having it to have to carry my bags from point A to point B and back to point A because someone hadn’t had his coffee at 6pm yet.





or as I like to call it: Happy Schnapps Day!


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