25 September 2011

Should have trusted my own words!

I told my colleague on Friday that I cannot bake.

Guess what I did from 8 am to around 1 pm?

First up, Biko, a Filipino rice cake with caramel topping: TOTAL MISS!

It looked rather good until it came to the topping, which ruined the entire batch – don’t ask me how, if I knew I would have saved it!

Numero Dos, Karjalanpiirakka, Finnish rice pies.

It’s edible but … I made & had better ones!


Give someone else the recipe and let them bake it for you!


23 September 2011



I was sitting on the deck, drinking a cup of mocha, while the sun was shining and a mild breeze helped the laundry to dance in the wind.

It was a really odd feeling – a positive one! That scene was so familiar and kinda comforting as I had lived this moment like about a hundred times – just that I was living in NZ back then. I used to sit on my balcony, couch cushions on the floor, mocha or coffee in my hand, reading a book or just watching the kids play rugby or cricket. I cherished those moments.




When I switched on the TV, guess who was on?

Bob Ross!

I used to watch him in my late teens, early twenties. They usually showed his show at around midnight or even later. But I loved and always felt inspired to actually buy some paint, a brush and an easel.

(Note: I’m good at painting walls creatively, but not good at painting something that is not geometrically abstract)

I gotta admit, no matter how often I had already watched his show, I was always scared he would ruin the perfect picture, but he always made it better – though I could never really tell how some of his early crazy brush strokes would turn out to be beautiful trees or mountain ranges.



22 & 23 September 2011

I hate Bambi!

It’s pretty much annoying when your neighbour breeds deers in his backyard. Especially when the one male in the herd feels the need to cry out loud from around 6pm to 6am because apparently his harem of 20 ladies is too small for him.

If this continues it’s really gonna end in a Korean Midsummer Night BBQ as was jokingly agreed upon between my Finns and myself yesterday (As today is Sunday, this means on Saturday – so a day after the official date of this post).



20 September 2011

Today on radio traffic service:

“A wedding dress is lying on the  motorway. Please drive carefully around the dress.”

“The police has arrived to pick up the dress.”

The bride to be called in as well saying that she forgot to close the trunk properly and that the groom’s bow tie and vest are still missing.


18 September 2011

Happy 80th birthday to my aunt, and happy 60th birthday to my cousin

Surprisingly, all family members were rather well behaved today – there’s the occasional ‘idiot’ sitting amongst this bunch of charming and funny people.

And I love it when my cousins stand up to read some funny and cute birthday poems to the honorary guests.

The only not so good thing was that I’m still not 100% and couldn’t eat more than one slice of cake. Oh well, another birthday is just waiting around the corner. Gotta be patient – or try some of the leftovers tomorrow.

And will go back to bed now because it’s almost 6pm and I’m exhausted!