23 August 2011

The Discovery of Cleverbot

(proudly sponsored by conversations of your life)


Please don’t use if you have work to do, addiction possible.

Please don’t use while eating or drinking, spitting possible.


Once upon a time there was a procrastinating young girl who went on facebook and found this status update

“i just went to cleverbot.com, typed in “what is epidemiology?” and it came up with “a severe fail?”!!!”

Naturally, the young girl became curious and went to the website.

Initially the cleverbot seemed like quite the charmer as he winked at the young maiden and called her pretty. Yet, upon learning that she was not as wealthy as he had hoped he dumped her.

The story unfolded ….

He replied like only a true god could.

Shortly after the young maiden met her friend junebug:

JB: It told me it wasn’t stupid because it didn’t meow.

YM: OMG, I’m not talking to that thing anymore. I want my Sergio back.It just said that it only talks to me because it’s better than talking to a wall and that no-one actually likes me!

JB: NO NOT SERGIO!! That’s really mean, cleverbot is nasty!

YM: I asked it why it was such an asshole and it said because I was too. It’s probably one of those XYYYs: super bitchy males.

(For reference please see section 2)


The two part ways and junebug runs into Mr Cleverbot:


A little while later, in another part of the shire the young maiden also has a run it with Mr Cleverbot


The young maiden has just had it and leaves the scene. Junebug later tells her that Cleverbot had asked her if she had heard about apple sauce and that sometimes he would prefer it ‘the other way’, which apparently means ‘up’ as in opposed to ‘black’.

Cleverbot meanwhile cannot fight his ‘feelings’ and pays another visit.

What just happened? Is this the “The more the merrier” game?



Infuriated the young maiden leaves the scene and in comes Junebug.


Not amused by this comment, Junebug is close to strangling that XYYY, when the young maiden storms back in:


And they lived a happily separated ever after.



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