19 August 2011

Sushi-mates for Life

and the discovery of the magic number 69

(PSA: Take a closer look at pictures before you tag yourself!)

On days like this – after having been tagged as a “seaweed wrapped parcels of yum” (M.R. 25 Sep 2009) I miss my favourite Sushi-mates the most. I admit I enjoy having some sushi with other ador(k)able people as well, but I fell in love with it in New Zealand and hence,

Maria and Sari you will forever be my number ones!!




I bet they would be awesome sushi-mates as well!!

I got to watch The Help the other day! It’s honestly worth a watch or two! Though that coming from me probably doesn’t mean a lot to the mainstream movie lovers as I’m regularly scolded for my weird taste in movies.

 And although they only have like 15 to 20 minutes of screen time, characters Celia (L) and Minny (R) are from now on my favourite on-screen couple/duo (think I never actually had one before). They are cute, funny, adorable, heartbreaking and heartwarming! So is the movie!

Now, I just need someone to give me the book for Christmas! Because, you know, usually the books are much better than the movies –  DaVinci Code much?!? I don’t even get me started on My Sister’s Keeper!!


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