17 August 2011

Streak of Random Genius

PSA: Yes, this is New Zealand.

I highly recommend thinking about this twice before making the foolish decision of actually

living in New Zealand / Aotearoa during winter.




Educate Yourself

I mentioned this point of my dissertation (which continues to make me sick) to my friend:

The first known mass genocide of the Holocaust took place in Buchenwald in January 1940 when 250 Romani children from Brno, Czechoslavakia, were used as guinea pigs to test Zyklon B, the gas that would eventually be used to kill millions of Roma, Jews, regime opponents, homosexuals, physically and mentally disabled people, intellectuals, and many more.

And then I was asked this:

“Why did you choose this topic again?”


Because no-one ever really talks about it, except for a random remark on the side. But I kinda have an inkling why because those who researched the topic probably committed suicide.




Streak of Genius

The Out Campaign

As a member of this group I’d like to say there has been much prejudice coming our way because we are different, we are seen to be doing things differently. But matter of fact is, we are all equal – no-one is better or worse than anyone else by nature, no-one just has good days or bad days.

And don’t believe too much in Darwin, he basically was a racist.




Beautiful Magic

When Clair de Lune met Snow

Simply serendipitous.


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