15 August 2011

Snow in the Mighty Waikato, New Zealand

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A bit more snow in other parts of the country

(including the invention of a new Olympic discipline – ski towing)

It is in times like this that I miss Aotearoa the most, why has there never been snow when I lived there? It would have been interesting to know if they would still be wearing jandals, shorts and t-shirts (Almost! I saw some guy on the news in shorts snowboarding Marty McFly skateboard style). I would love to know if they are actually aware of the concept of changing to winter tires during snow season (I kinda doubt it! As some police officer on the news said they should drive carefully and switch to a lower gear and to the most capable driver. Huh – he said what?)

See for yourself here.

All in all, I think it’s rather cute how excited they get over a bit of snow! They are just some of the most adorkable people you will ever meet – and they are rather nice and happy to offer their help within a second.




Streak of Random

My friend Mei, the future musical star:

“Hey, I found this agency that casts for Wicked.”

Free tickets. Yay

“And actually, I think you should audition too.”

I can’t dance, I can’t sing!

“You can talk, can’t you? And express yourself … that’s all it takes!”

Well, hello Tony, Oscar and Emmy! 


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