14 August 2011

First gay wedding in Cuba!

Or is it?

Yesterday, on Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday, Ignacio Estrada married the woman of his dreams Wendy Iriepa.

(for more click here and here)

Who are we to judge with whom someone falls in love with! It’s not like someone really has a choice in those matters anyways – the heart wants what the heart wants. And if they are truthfully, honestly and equally committed to each other, let them be! There’s no harm in it – and there shouldn’t be – neither for them as a couple and definitely not for those on the outside (family, friends or random strangers). So congratulations Ignacio and Wendy. May you be happy and filled with Love!




Streak of Random

My brother just now

“Go to that party. Say ‘Hey, I got a present for you. Here a plastic bag where you can put my stuff in.’ And leave.”

Ok, it’s probably not funny to anyone but me, but you would laugh too if you knew the whole story. And my brother is not really the kind of person who makes jokes. Even my mum once said that my brother needs to learn how to laugh and be crazy – probably just so he won’t be judging her for being hilariously crazy at times.


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