11 August 2011


So, get this, I’ve just seen my father (or sperm donor as I like to refer to him) for the first time since 1993.

Because I like to procrastinate, and no-one was available to talk nonsense to for 20 minutes I decided to look up some of my cousins that I haven’t seen for about an equal amount of time. (Note: my family is a big fat mess since that time in the early 1990s when divorces were as catchy as H1N1 and everyone seemed to be falling out with everyone).  Anyways,  the only one I could find was facebook friends with my mother’s brother, who on the other hand was friends with a woman with the same last name as mine.

So, after 18 years I see this picture of a couple – probably on their summer holiday – and I can tell

It’s him!

And I keep staring!

He’s not with the woman he left my mum and us kids for, but they look happy together. And although I’m filled with all these emotions (that are neither hate nor love) I do feel happy for him. Because I can’t really remember him looking that happy in any of those pictures we have left of him.

For now, I’m just wondering though curious.


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