31 August 2011

The final steps in the world of imminent knowledge and wisdom 

Thank you technology for messing with me during my last visit to the uni library. You knew exactly that I would have missed this experience just so much more if you hadn’t pulled off your usual routine. And I love you for that!


Also gonna miss the words of wisdom provided each morning by one of the tube staffers.

Gotta love her!


30 August 2011

Woke up on the wrong side of the hemisphere!

It’s cold … inside.


Assume you are inside your house, wear a singlet, a t-shirt and a hoodie (with the hood up), and extra thick sweatpants and a blanket wrapped around your hips. And you still feel cold because there’s no heating.

Which country are you currently in?




That moment when

you walk into the kitchen and see a man standing at the edge of the rooftop out of the corner of your eye.

And after the second or so it took you to actually process that sighting, you face the window and consciously look at the roof only to find that the man has disappeared.

Thank God he showed up again after another 30 or so seconds.

Construction workers can scare the hell out of me.

Warning signs, people, warning signs!

(Remember that day I ran into the door because the maintenance guys had decided to fix it after one year? And suddenly I ran into it and looked like quite the fool because I had assumed that the door wouldn’t be locked – just like all the other 1000 times I walked through that door!)




On a more serious note

A friend just posted this recent news item.

Bryan Fischer, Director of Issue Analysis of the American Family Association, said:

“until the late 20th Century, homosexual activity was a felony offense in the United States of America, there is no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again, absolutely none.”

My immediate thought – after only reading like half of the article:

Maybe he had dinner with Mr Ahmadinejad last night? I don’t really understand what’s up with these people.

2500 years ago when we lived in a world without morals all that was important was the beauty and excellence of a person and not their gender. Men who had same sex partners were even considered to be extra masculine and likened to Zeus or Hercules.

I sometimes think they are just scared – of being “converted”? But honestly, usually you need 2 to tango, right? So, I’d say they are just insecure beings who haven’t really figured out who they are. If they knew their place in this world they would worry less about others’ place in the world to make themselves feel better or whatever they hope to achieve from such kinds of ignorance and discrimination.

And as an afterthought 

Mr Fischer, you do remind me a bit of that guy you called a homosexual. Just saying …

What might that possibly mean for you?

In case you are not familiar with Iran’s policies on homosexuality, I highly recommend watching the documentary

“Be Like Others”

 (Just click on the link, it won’t hurt – not physically at least.)

And you might wanna stock up on some alcohol for when you are done watching –  just a little precautionary advise!

29 August 2011

Monday, 5.27 am

At one point I might actually consider punching that guy who can’t make bacon and eggs without setting off the fire alarm before 8am. Luckily, I’m always in a state of delirium when I’m being rudely awakened after only about 4 hours of sleep.



———————————KaSie RoThy

I finally decided, when I grow up I wanna be

the illegitimate daughter of Kathy Griffin and Rosie O’Donnell.

A girl can dream, right?

Maternity Update:

” You do kinda look like the kid in the pic. Just compare it to the black and white one you have. It might actually be proof enough for your noble birth.”

I don’t see it to be honest! But well, I take what I can get!

26 August 2011

Is it Friday the 13th already? 

Or just Karma being a bitch again?

And is it odd that I feel tired, demotivated and indifferent but I would totally be up to jumping down someone’s throat if I had the chance to?  A girl’s got to defend her reputation of “being bitchy all the time”, aye?




Crazy London

Without Rain it’s rather dark and depressing

With Rain it’s rather bright and exciting